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Agile Home Health Services (AHS) is proud to be able to address the needs of mothers and children. There are many ethical concerns when dealing with the needs of children and family that may be under great stress.  Infant mortality is a major concern in our program as it is sometimes used as a gauge to measure the general health of a population.  Our goal is to affect maternal characteristics that has been linked to the infant outcome. Our Registered Nurse home care service ranges from maternal care to Infants & Newborn Care & Assessments.


Demographic Information

¨ Newborn Home Visit Assessment Record is complete for billing purposes.

¨ As appropriate, child’s Newborn Home Visit Assessment may be included in child’s medical record.


Maternal / Family demographics; Risk Factors Identified

¨ Maternal / Family demographic risk factors are identified


Home & Social Environment

¨ Infant is living in a home that is adequate in space, clean, safe, and in good repair

¨ Infant is living in a social environment, social/internal development

¨ Caregiver has adequate equipment to safely care for infant and to prepare formula/food


Perinatal History: Risk Factors Indentified

¨ Perinatal medical risk factors are identified


Infant Nutrition

¨ Breastfed infant received adequate nutrition

¨ Formula fed infant receives nutrition

¨ Family has adequate physical material and educational resources related to infant feeding

¨ Family has adequate physical material and education resources related to infant feeding

¨ Infant receives adequate nutrition

¨ Family has adequate educational resources related to infant feeding


Basic Care / Caregiver Skills

¨ Caregiver has adequate material resources to provide safe care

¨ Caregiver has adequate skills to meet infant’s basic physical needs

¨ Caregiver has adequate skills to meet infant’s basic physical needs

¨ Caregiver gains adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe care of infant


Parenting Skills

¨ Caregiver forms warm attachment to infant and stimulates infant’s development

¨ Caregiver responds to infant’s cues appropriately

¨ Caregiver and infant will interact in a reciprocal manner

¨ Infant is integrated as a family member


Newborn Assessment

¨ Infant is growing and developing appropriately

¨ Caregiver is aware of any special physical needs of baby and provides adequate care


Resources and Referrals for Prevention

¨ Caregiver recognized the need for routing preventative well infant/child health care through a medical home

¨ Nurse and caregiver will discuss family needs

¨ Caregiver will be informed of resources available to address unmet needs or concerns

¨ Nurse making Newborn Home Visit Assessment collaborates with the Maternal Care or Child Service Case Manager



Our nurses can:

  • Our Registered Nurse can assist with the identification of Risk Factors for Preterm Births


  • Monitor and assist with the identification of clients with risk factors for low birth weights


  • Identify Behavioral & Environmental Risks Such As:

  •  Smoking

  •  Poor nutritional status

  •  Alcohol and other substance abuse

  •  Toxic exposures, including occupational hazards

  •  Stress, Physical and psychosocial


  • Identify Health Care Risks Such As:

  •  Absent or inadequate prenatal care

  •  Iatrogenic Prematurity


  • Under The Direction Of A Physician Our Nurses Can Monitor Women With Medical Risks In Current Pregnancy Such As:


  •  Multiple Pregnancy

  •  Poor Weight Gain

  •  Short interpregnancy Interval

  •  Hypotension

  •  Hypertension / preeclampsia / toxemia

  •  Selected infections such as symptomatic bacteriuria, rubella, and cytomegalovirus

  •  First or second trimester bleeding

  •  Placental problems such as placenta previa, abruption placentae

  •  Hyperemesis

  •  Oligohydramnious/polyhydramnios

  •  Anemia/abnormal hemoglobin

  •  Isoimmunization

  •  Fetal anomalies

  •  Incompetent cervix

  •  Spontaneous premature rupture of membranes

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