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Prenatal Care Services.


Pregnancy Care:


¨ Prenatal Assessment & Care

¨ Fetal Monitoring

¨ Psychological Assessment

¨ Genetic Assessment

¨ Nutritional Assessment and Promotion

¨ Child birth preparation

¨ Parenting Preparation

¨ High risk pregnancy complication assessment & monitor

¨ Home care during pregnancy

¨ Special needs woman pregnancy monitoring of medical, clinic, and community support appointment.

¨ Assistance with accessing community resources



Prenatal Services:


a) RN Risk assessment

b) Case Management

c) Social Surveillance of mother & fetus such as measurement of height, weight, specimen collection

d) Physical visit monitor to ensure prenatal appointments one kept

e) Nutritional Education

f) Health Education or pregnancy, nutritional, exercise, substance abuse, delivery preparation, newborn care and other subjects to improve maternal health

g) Teen counseling

h) House visitations

i) Mentoring

j) Psychosocial support & counseling

k) Low income interventions and follow up


Intrapartum Services:

· Health Education

· Childbirth class referral and support



Post Partum Care services:


· Home Assessment

· Patient & Family Education

· Newborn Assessment

· Nutritional Needs of Newborn

· Monitor of postpartum complications

· Assessment and care of the high risk newborn an family





Preconception Health Services

¨ Preconception counseling to increase the chances of a health pregnancy

¨ Family Planning

¨ Nutritional Counseling such as preconception folic acid


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