Skilled Nursing

SKILLED NURSING VISIT (Adult & Pediatrics)



Our clinical team is composed of nurses Registered Nurses (RN’s) & Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) who are specially trained in the specialty of the service they provide to our clients.  Our nurses are motivated to assist you with the care you need.



· Assistance with hygiene and grooming

· Medication Administration including intravenous medications, intramuscular injections

· Subcutaneous injections, and insulin

· Assistance with ambulation and mobility

· Temperature, pulse and blood pressure monitoring

· Weight and edema monitoring

· Monitoring and Maintenance of nutritional intake

· Enteral tube feeding and nutrition

· Blood drawing and laboratory value monitoring

· Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord injury care

· Bowel & Bladder Training

· Bladder Catheterizations

· Care of the terminally ill, who prefer to remain in their home

· Ventilator care, monitoring & weaning

· Tracheostomy care and management

· Suctioning

· Cardiac Monitoring, Rehabilitation & Medication management

· Wound management and care

· Decubitus and pressure sore prevention and care

· Dressing changes

· Diabetes Management and Care

· Chronic Conditions Management

· Orthopedic conditions and Case Management

· Genetic conditions & Disorders

· Coordination of medical equipment and Community resources

· Care planning implementation & coordination of care

· Neurological conditions

· Digestive & Bowel Conditions

· Patient and caregiver education and follow up

· Education, direction with use of therapeutic equipment, range of motion, and rehabilitation nursing



Our Newborn & Neonates Services Includes:

1)  Intravenous Infusion of Medications or fluids

2) Assessment

3) Weight & Growth

4) Respiratory Management & Care

5) Nebulizers

6) Ventilator Care

7) Suctioning

8) Tracheostomy Care & Management

9) RN Case Management for all of our children included in our service

10) Early hospital release

11) Apnea monitoring

12) Feeding Tubes

13)  High Technology Monitoring



Services Include:

1) Traumatic Brain Injury Management

2) Nursing Rehabilitation

3) Management of Airway

4) Chronic Conditions

5) Difficulty swallowing assessment & Care


Company Profile

we are dedicated to the provision of comprehensive high-quality, client-and client family-centered home health care in the client’s place of residence.  Care is focused on the client’s unique physiological, safety, psychological, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs.




Glen Burnie:

216 N. Crain Highway, Suite 102

Glen Burnie, MD 21061

TeL: 410-424-2041


Salisbury MD:

1305 South Division St,Suite11

Salisbury,Maryland 21804


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