New Born Care & Assessment

Program Goals

Our nurse will assess the following during a new born home visit:


Home & Social Environment

¨ Infant is living in a home that is adequate in space, clean, safe, and in good repair

¨ Infant is living in a social environment, social/internal development

¨ Caregiver has adequate equipment to safely care for infant and to prepare formula/food


Perinatal History: Risk Factors Indentified

¨ Perinatal medical risk factors are identified


Infant Nutrition

¨ Breastfed infant received adequate nutrition

¨ Formula fed infant receives nutrition

¨ Family has adequate physical material and educational resources related to infant feeding

¨ Family has adequate physical material and education resources related to infant feeding

¨ Infant receives adequate nutrition

¨ Family has adequate educational resources related to infant feeding


Basic Care / Caregiver Skills

¨ Caregiver has adequate material resources to provide safe care

¨ Caregiver has adequate skills to meet infant’s basic physical needs

¨ Caregiver has adequate skills to meet infant’s basic physical needs

¨ Caregiver gains adequate knowledge and skills to provide safe care of infant


Parenting Skills

¨ Caregiver forms warm attachment to infant and stimulates infant’s development

¨ Caregiver responds to infant’s cues appropriately

¨ Caregiver and infant will interact in a reciprocal manner

¨ Infant is integrated as a family member


Newborn Assessment

¨ Infant is growing and developing appropriately

¨ Caregiver is aware of any special physical needs of baby and provides adequate care


Resources and Referrals for Prevention

¨ Caregiver recognized the need for routing preventative well infant/child health care through a medical home

¨ Nurse and caregiver will discuss family needs

¨ Caregiver will be informed of resources available to address unmet needs or concerns

¨ Nurse making Newborn Home Visit Assessment collaborates with the Maternal Care or Child Service Case Manager



Company Profile

we are dedicated to the provision of comprehensive high-quality, client-and client family-centered home health care in the client’s place of residence.  Care is focused on the client’s unique physiological, safety, psychological, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs.




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