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Our Registered Nurse can assist with the identification of Risk Factors for Preterm Births



Established Risk Factors:

¨ Race

¨ Single marital status

¨ Low socioeconomic status

¨ Previous low birth weight or preterm delivery

¨ Multiple second trimester spontaneous abortions

¨ In vitro fertilization pregnancy

¨ Placental abnormalities

¨ Gestational bleeding

¨ Cervical and uterine anomalies

¨ In utero diethylstilbestrol exposure

¨ Multiple gestations

¨ Cigarette smoking


Inconclusive Risk Factors:


¨ Psychosocial stress

¨ Short stature

¨ Low pregnancy weight / low body mass index

¨ Anemia

¨ Employment-related physical activity


Factors for which there are insufficient data:


· Familial and intergenerational factors

· History of infertility

· Use of marijuana and other illicit drugs

· Leisure-time physical activity

· Occupational and environmental toxicants



Probable Risk Factors:

* Urogenital infections

* Cocaine use

* No prenatal care or inadequate prenatal care

* Seasonality


Factors weakly associated or not associated with preterm birth:

· Maternal Age

· Infant sex

· Maternal weight gain

· Dietary intake

· Parity

· Alcohol consumption

· Caffeine intake

· Sexual activity during late pregnancy



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